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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Bringing more than a decade of experience in phlebotomy to the people,  the PhleboLabs  team is proud to transform the way private citizens and medical facilities get blood draws and health screenings. Now, there’s no need to wait half an hour for a needle prick that takes five minutes when we can bring mobile phlebotomy services right to your door!

Our Story

In the midst of this pandemic I established PHLEBO-LAB PROFESSIONAL SERVICES, LLC. a mobile phlebotomy company designed to make blood draws more comfortable and convenient and to help Hampton  Roads communities stay healthy and thriving. Jacob Samuel Valentin is Founder, Owner he is a Registered Nurse,

Phlebotomy Certified, Certified Phlebotomist Instructor,

Emergency Medical Technician

Our company is Licensed & Insured.  Jacob Samuel is an energetic

family oriented men who loves sharing his knowledge and helping other

Push forward!! Jacob Samuel has server also years of experience in the 

phlebotomy field, and desires to educate other individuals with

the knowledge and certification needed to be successful

Phlebotomist Technician. Pushing forward is the foundation for

which the business was started, founded, and exist on. 


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